A Workshop on Evolution and Literature

In March of 2016, the FSU HPS Program hosted an interdisciplinary workshop on Evolution and Literature. Below is the full schedule for this event.




(Academic) Michael Ruse (mruse@fsu.edu); Jeff O’Connell (jmoconnell@fsu.edu); (Staff) Karmel Hawkins (khawkins@fsu.edu); Shannon Tucker (stucker@fsu.edu)



John Holmes  U Birmingham (England)

John Glendening Montana State U

Jonathan Smith U Michigan at Dearborn

Piers Hale U Oklahoma

Meegan Kennedy Florida State U

Anne DeWitt NYU

Ian Hesketh U Queensland (Australia)



Ruse Residence:  651 East Sixth Avenue    850 224 6811; cell 850 339 5228

Hilton: 1330 Blair Stone Rd   850 893 8300

HPS Seminar Room:  001A Diffenbaugh

Lecture Room:    228 Diffenbaugh 



Thursday February 25  Participants arrive – pick up at airport and pizza chez Ruse


Friday February 26 

Each session is one hour long with a 15 minute break between sessions (there will be coffee and donuts in the Seminar Room)


8.30 Breakfast --  place to be determined, probably the Ruses’


9.30  Session One: Ian Hesketh, “A Literary Approach to Evolutionary Narratives of the late 19th Century”

10.45 Session Two: Jonathan Smith, “Darwin and the Sensation Novelists”

12.00 Session Three: Anne DeWitt, “Periodical Poetry About Evolution”


1.00  Lunch  Walk to Pitaria, then visit to Library to see first edition of the Origin of Species  


2.30 Session Four: John Holmes, “Ways of Knowing: Poetry, Science, and Reductionism”

3.45 Showing of film, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, followed by general discussion led by Michael Ruse


6.00 Break – back to the hotel or the Leon Pub

7.30 Dinner – Z Bardhi’s


Saturday February 27

8.30 Breakfast 


9.30  Session Five: John Glendening, “Sexual Selection and Literature”

10.45 Session Six: Meegan Kennedy, “Microscopes and Literature”

12.00 Session Seven: Piers Hale, “Charles Kingsley, Water Babies, and the Evolution of Man, Mind, and Morals”


1.00  Lunch Shell Oyster Bar


2.30  Leave for Wakulla Springs with graduate students – afterwards, back to the hotel for a rest, Leon Pub, or Ruses’


6.30 BBQ at Ruses’


Sunday February 28

Participants leave for home (taking cabs to the airport)


This workshop is made possible thanks to the generosity of William and Lucyle Werkmeister